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Our Values and Beliefs
In the words of our founder, John Wesley, “A Methodist is one who loves the Lord our God with all their heart and mind and strength and loves their neighbor as themselves.” This is expressed in our emphasis on faith and works: as we grow closer to God we express our faith in the lives that we lead. Our commitment to Christ our Savior should not be limited to worship on Sunday mornings but last throughout the week in living a life of love and service. “Walking what we talk,” means reaching out to one another, including those broken in body or mind or spirit, with hope, healing and bread. We believe the grace and forgiving love of God is meant for all people. This is why our doors are always open to any who wish to be part of our fellowship, and why our Communion Table is open to all who wish to receive. We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of every month. On these Sundays all children and youth stay for the entire Worship Service. We feel it is important to celebrate communion as a church family.

While the Word of God in the Holy Bible is our guide, we also respect those of different denominations and faiths, seeking to emphasize more what unites us than divides us.


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Sunday: 9:30 am

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