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“To know the love of Jesus in personal ways through worship, prayer and study. To live the love of Jesus through acts of compassion, gentleness and justice. To share the love of Jesus in our homes, our community and the world.”

To Know, to Live and to Share the Love of Jesus – this is our vision as a congregation. We aim to create an open and welcoming fellowship that communicates God’s love for all people, and we go into the world to spread that love in word and deed. We are open to diverse points of view, held together not by uniformity of thought but by the care and concern we have for one other. The quality of our love is more important for us than the purity of our tenets, and we seek to live that love in all we do, whether in teaching our youth, praising our God, or serving the world in Christ’s name.


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Sunday: 9:30 am

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49 Weston Road :: Westport, CT 06880
Phone: 203.227.4707