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What to expect
As you enter our driveway the church will be on your right. Parking is available in the side and back parking lots.

Church Entrance
You can follow signs to the main church entrance which is towards the rear of the building. The main lobby is straight ahead and the entrance to the Sanctuary will be through the doors to the left of the lobby.
There is also an entrance through the side doors, marked Community Nursery School. If you use this side entrance, you will need to walk up a short flight of stairs. The entrance to the Sanctuary will be straight down the hall.

Church Greeters/Ushers
You will be met by our church greeters in the main lobby. They will direct you to the Sanctuary and to the Nursery if you have little ones. If you have pre-school children the ushers will make a “busy bag” available to you. The busy bag includes books, crayons and paper that will help your pre-schooler feel more at home.

Fellowship Hour
Immediately following our Worship Service we invite you to join us for coffee and cookies in our Fellowship Hall. This is a casual and informal opportunity to meet members of the congregation and our pastors.

Adult Study
Every Sunday an adult program is offered following fellowship hour. The program lasts for approximately one hour. Programs have included a six week series on spirituality of major faith traditions with speakers from the Black Methodist, Roman Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Greek Orthodox traditions; psychology and spirituality with programs on discernment, calling, gratitude, forgiveness, guilt and acceptance, and happiness; building healthy relationships; controversial issues; and a Charles Wesley Hymn Fest in honor of his 300th birthday.

Communion Sunday

We celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of every month.  On these Sundays all children and youth stay for the entire Worship Service. We feel it is important to celebrate Communion as a church family. All are welcome to partake in Communion. Ushers will direct you to the Communion Rail.  We take Communion by “intinction,” which is a practice of dipping the bread into the cup.


What To Wear

Come as you are.  Be comfortable. We're interested in you, not your wardrobe.




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